To Rome!

My flight is on Thursday, at 8:30pm.  It's a red eye to Amsterdam, so I'll arrive around 10am.  Then I have two hours at the airport before I transfer planes.  I arrive in Rome at 3:25pm.  Then it all starts. 

I'm feeling an annoying mix of emotions that change constantly.  I'm excited and nervous.  Yesterday I was thrilled when reading about the shops and restaurants in my new home, Rome's west bank, Trastevere.  Today I don't feel like getting off the couch.  I am dreading packing and traveling, but I can't wait to meet new people and get to know the city.

Mostly I just want to get there!  When I get to Rome all my "pre-departure anxiety" (as described in the online orientation) will disappear and I can start falling in love with Rome!  Maybe I'll even learn something in the next four months!

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