After a night of dancing and walking to and from the club, my friend and I decided to take the elevator up to the fourth floor.  My feet were killing from my new heels, so it was the obvious choice.  Of course, the elevator gets stuck in between the third and fourth floor.  I start freaking out because it was around 3AM and no one knew we were in the elevator.  So we start screaming and pressing every button for about ten minutes.  Luckily the elevator had an alarm button, although I doubt the alarm was louder than our screams.  Finally a few people hear us and start talking to us through the door.  At one point I think people from the third floor were yelling up to us and my housemates on floor four were yelling down to us.  At this point it is just hilarious, so we start yelling out of boredom and not fear.  We are telling our housemates to slide a deck of cards in between the cracks and screaming about wanting food. 
We were in there for maybe 20 minutes when all the lights go out.  Of course we start screaming like crazy again.  It turns out that one of the guys in our house was messing with the wires of the elevator trying to get it to open.  Eventually he was successful, the elevator opened, and we were free. 
We got out to a houseful of people watching the incident.  They were very surprised that there were only two girls in the elevator, apparently all four floors could hear us yelling.  Good thing this whole building is students. 
The lessons learned: I shouldn't be so lazy, I shouldn't wear heels in Rome (that one is not going to change), and most importantly, Do Not Trust European Elevators.
The next day I walked up all four flights of stairs with four bags of groceries.

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