I always knew it would be difficult to move out. It was difficult to move in and I had fewer clothes, less furniture and pretty much less of everything. I moved in during a rainstorm in august of 2009, and I’m moving out during a snowstorm. It snowed both moving out in Newark and this morning it started snowing here and Mount Laurel and we still have to move things from the car to the house. My dad came up and helped me last night. We made good time I think, loading up the whole care with things in about two hours.

The real hard part is yet to come. I have a whole apartment of furniture to move yet: couch wall unit, bed, to chairs, kitchen table, and bureau. There are three US weekends left and I still don't know where this stuff is going to go. I was going to measure all of it and relay this info back to the home base but dad and I forgot the tape measure on the way back to Hamilton. So now I have to see if I can find measurements somehow. Right now we are planning the move for two weeks from now. There really is no good time to move. The last weekend in the month is too late and too stressful since ill be leaving days later. Two weeks from now is my mom’s birthday which complicates things, and this coming weekend things just won’t be ready.

Physically moving out is going to be hard as well. I remember a conversation with all involved with the move in where we joked that the only way the couch is going to be moved out is in pieces, meaning chopped in half. This apartment has probably the worst design. The front door, which opens to a hallway on both sides of the threshold, doesn't even open all the way. The hallway is less than an inch shorter than the door so the door opens a lot, almost all the way but it comes just short, frustratingly similar to the Eagles today. On top of this the couch, if I remember right, is only a few inches taller than the door. Moving it in we tried every possible way we could to fit it through the door. It took like 20 minutes until we could find the right way to fit it in. if only I remember which way that was …

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