The Ice Bar

We went to The Ice Bar last night.  Literally, it's an ice bar.  We went inside and had to wear special coats.  And everything was made of ice.  Even the glasses.  At first it was really fun because it was an open bar and they had a lot of fancy cocktails to try.  All ice themed of course.  "the frozen sun" "arctic melt", etc.  Some of the drinks were good, but the best part was that they came in a glass of ice.  Everyone was biting of pieces of their glasses after a while.  So we were in there for about an hour when we started to get really cold.  First it was just my hands, and that was tolerable.  But then it was my feet, and I couldn't handle that.  Plus it was awkward trying to move in a small area with giant, heavy coats on.  But we paid to get in, and it was an open bar, so we wanted to get our moneys worth.  It became a game of how cold we were vs. how many drinks we wanted to try.  Soon the cold won, and we left long before closing.  It was fun, but pretty touristy.  The bartenders spoke perfect English and it was almost only students inside.  It was like being back in the States.  I really hate being cold, so I don't think I'll be going back to the ice bar anytime soon.

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