Really Long Weekend

Were on break, so who cares. I intended to read all of an Italian translation of Pamuk's "Istanbul" and Jill intended to practice Italian everyday, but we got lazy. Jill leaves Thursday so shes out of time. I go back to Newark later today this is the end of me giving her lessons. This is what happens over break. You get back to Mt. La-La, you are tired from the semester, you want to meet up with all the people you haven't seen. Next thing you know your watching Modern Marvels: Cheese and reruns of American Pickers.

I think I gave her the tools she needs to "butter/ladder" her way to at least an understanding of the language so that she can tell when a shop is closed for calcio or a strike or something.

I'm in the mood to watch some Fellini today so maybe La Dolce Vita or La Strada can make up for like a week of not practicing.

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