Do not fly Alitalia!

The flight to Italy was long but not horrible until my layover in Amsterdam.  I flew US Airways for most of the way, and I was sitting next to two nice Dutch women who said they were glad I wasn't a "sick, fat man".  They were very interested in my trip to Rome and when I told them I was living in a Roman apartment with students, they said "How chic!".  Then I arrived in Amsterdam, bid farewall to new Dutch friends, and began the miles and miles walk to my terminal fro my flight to Italy.  The Amsterdam airport looks like Ikea, and includes an "airport library" and an actual deli.  I think people in Europe just hang out in airports for fun.  So I get on the Alitalia flight, and it was terrible.  Horrible plane, and incredibly shaky.  Luckily I was able to sleep most of the way.  I also made friends with other students going to different schools in and around Rome.  We exchanged facebooks so maybe we'll meet up someday.  So at baggage claim one of my bags arrived and the other one didn't.  I stood in line at customer service for maybe an hour.  During this time I chatted it up with an Italian woman who said that she loses at least one article of luggage every time she flies Alitalia.  I was glad to share my annoyance with another.  At customer service they informed me that my bag was still in Amsterdam and would be delivered to Rome  that evening.  So I left the airport.  Today I called the airline to see the status of my bag.  They said they had "no new information" and to call back tomorrow.  So my bag may be in Rome, it may still be in Amsterdam, who knows.  Meanwhile I have no shampoo, no facewash, no soap.  Also all my school supplies were in there, so I hope my architecture class on Monday doesn't require drafting.  I am pretty upset, plus there is only one outlet in my room which I am sharing with my roommate so I have only 7 minutes of battery life remaining on this computer.  I got to see a little of Rome today, and I will explore my neighborhood later tonight.  I will update with pictures as soon as possible, but my camera usb was in the lost luggage, so who knows.
Goodbye for now, wish me luck with Alitalia!

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  1. I totally took Alitalia when I went to Italy... worst decision everrrr! Italians cannot drive nor can they fly planes. Please take another airline on your way back home. I do not trust that airline company what so ever.