Registering for Classes

Registering for classes here is not like registering for classes at Bennington.  I much prefer the process at Bennington, which is saying a lot considering Bennington's process incredibly stressful and tiring.  Here it is even worse.  I picked classes after I got accepted to the school, yet apparently these choices meant nothing.  We had to fill out another course preference sheet here.  At first I got really excited because the teachers presented all of their course offerings and I started considering courses that I has previously ruled out.  So I proceeded to try and choose my classes.  However, when I looked at the schedule I realized almost all of the classes I wanted to take overlapped.  Why would they schedule so many overlapping courses?  I have no idea.  The administration finally realized this problem and started sending around crazy emails switching around class meeting times.  This made it nearly impossible to choose a schedule because everyone was confused as to what time classes were actually meeting.  My Italian Rationalism class changed it's meeting time three times already! On top of all the class times changing, classes keep getting canceled due to lack of enrollment.  Then everyone complains, more people decide they want the class, and the class gets reinstated.  It is so frustrating.  I still don't know my schedule.  I got an email saying that the one class that I really wanted, Roman Cartography, might get reinstated.  If this happens my schedule will be perfect.  However, if I don't get that class back I will have to choose another course, probably Architecture Analysis.  I really hope I can get all my classes, and that the schedule doesn't change again!  The process just seems unnecessarily disorganized, but I am hearing that this is juts how study abroad is.  Hopefully the disorganization will fade as classes start and everyone gets settled in.

On a more positive note, my luggage has finally arrived at the school's office.  Two guys from my house are going to help me bring it back here (since the cobblestones pose a particular threat if I were to drag it here by myself).  I will finally have all my toiletries and clothes!

Ciao for now!

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