Last night we went to a discotecha.  It was in a touristy area of the city, Campo di Fiori.  So I don't know if we got the full Italian discotecha experience.  But it was open past 2 and there was no cover charge.  So my roommates and I went a little after midnight.  There were about 20 of us, so you can imagine the difficulties that arose.  As soon as we got inside we all lost each other.  Luckily I was with two other girls and we were able to stick together.  Dancing was fun, but the drinks were way overpriced.  5 euro for a beer and 10 euro for a cocktail.  Then again, these are the same prices you would expect for find at a club in Manhattan, so I guess it is just what is to be expected.  We danced for a while, American music is incredibly popular, but it is not the usual top 40 songs we are used to.  The discotecha is also a great place to practice Italian.  I was able to meet some Italians and ask them their names (Come te chiami?) how old they were (Quanti anni hai?) and if they study or work (Studi or Lavori?).   I was also able to tell them that I study architecture (Io studio architectturra) and that I live in Travestevere (Vivio travesterve).  Needless to say, I was pretty pleased with my conversational skills.  I also got to practice saying "no" and "goodbye" to the Italian guy who wouldn't stop following us around.  Luckily we left the club sin Italian men, and were able to make it home.  Of course, we relied on the guys in our group to carry the keys, and we lost them, so my friend and I stood outside the apartment yelling for someone to come downstairs and let us in.  "Pantheon Institute, open the gate!"  We were rescued in a matter of minutes.  Overall, I'd say it was a successful first night out.

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