i giallorossi

Last year I picked up the Saints when I visited Jill in New Orleans during the playoffs. After celebrating a playoff win over the Cardinals on Bourbon Street I decided that I'm now also a Saints fan. I had good reason to do so: they rarely play the Eagles. Celebrating a playoff victory in a bar is something I have clearly never done in Philly anyway so really this was kind of its own thing.
Well today I've chosen my Serie A team: Roma. I've spent all morning watching their win over Catania and listening to it on Italian Radio. Considering I got really angry when the feed froze during each gol, and seeing the stadium made me realize that I'm going to live in this city for months and i'll probably see that stadium and i may even be able to go to a game. So Roma is my team now. forza roma! forza giallorossi!

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