ai nuovi romani

Jillian and I are living in Rome for the next couple months.
We are going to different schools in different parts of the city.
This is going to be the closest we have been to each other for the longest sustained period of time since we were both in high school.
So we are going to do our best to keep a good record of things.
I imagine Jill will keep track of learning Italian and architecture throughout the city.

I'm going to probably do the same and just general thoughts on roman life.
I'm also using this blog as a way to practice Italian and French. Since i've heard that the Italian university system has much less writing than the American. So i'll do my best to do as many translations of these posts as I can.

I have no idea what Rome is like despite studying Italian for 6 years. I was there for 2 days in 2006. I only have slight memories of the city, most of which took place at the Vatican. (i dont remember that much of Rome but i could easily describe almost every second of my tour at st peters.)

Jill is living in the Trastevere. I dont know where ill be but my school in the Garbatella near the piramide.

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