Roman Cartography

I am taking this class called Roman Cartography.  It is going to be an awesome class.  It meets six hours a week, and the first three hours are a lecture, which is ok.  But the really great part is the second three hours.  It consists of a walk around the city.  The goal of the class is to learn about the development of Rome by traveling the original pathways throughout the city.  During the walks we stop and look at the buildings and learn about how to identify what time period it is from, who built it, and how it has changed throughout the years.  We also look at a lot of maps and find out how the city has grown over time.  I am learning so much already, but the best part of these walks is that I am getting to see all over the city.  I am learning my way around, and finding all the best places to shop, eat, go to galleries, everything.  I am seeing neighborhoods that I might not have found on my own!  It is so much fun, and hopefully this class will help my sense of direction!

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