Italian friend

Tonight the younger brother of my roommate's sister's boyfriend came over the house after dinner.  He is from Rome and is actually going to university at La Sapienza, the same school Jordan will be taking classes at.  It is really great to meet someone from Rome who can give us tips on the city and Italian culture.  We asked him so many questions about Italians and living in Rome.  Mostly we wanted to know about going out, the best places and the best prices.  He gave us some great tips and even offered to take us to pubs around his neighborhood.  He also talked a lot about growing up in Rome and the Italian way of life.  I can't wait to introduce him and Jordan, because I know Jordan will love talking to him about all the cultural stuff.  Plus they can talk in Italian!  I am thankful to learn more about Rome.  I don't know if I will stop feeling like a tourist anytime soon, but learning the local places and people is so exciting!

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