I went to Carnevalone this past Sunday. Carnevalone was a carnival festival in a place called Poggio Mirteto, the theme was somewhat anticlerical and political overtones. Most of the people there were dressed as something clerical or something political or some mix. Silvio and I dressed as nuns with the offerte. It wasn’t the most inspired costumes but it was better than nothing. It rained. There were sausage Panini. There was wine. It was a mess. There was a lot of dancing. Id love to tell some stories but I really don’t remember. The city itself is beautiful. One of those places that’s nestled on top of a hill and has lots of nooks and crannies where you can look out and just see countryside. Its always nice to take a small break from the city. There was a lot of music. A couple stages. Nuns playing 50’s style rock. Classic 60’s Italian folk artists kind of in the style of bob Dylan. And wine in plastic bottles like you see in the picture. This is bad because its hard to judge how much wine that is cause wine usually comes in a wine bottle or a glass. Plastic bottles are an easy way to drink 2 regular bottles of wine in 5 hours to your self and not realize you are doing it. Do not do this. Even if it is raining that does not mean there will be water do drink. If you throw up on the train do it in your lap so that the person across from you does not know that you did it.
(sorry for this post being in English)

Visualizzazione ingrandita della mappa

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